Arthritic Treatments for Today
Thousands of men and women who suffer with arthritis turn to traditional medications for relief from their pain and inflammation.  A new wave of patients, however, is finding new relief through alternative therapies.

Mind and body medicines, holistic therapies and alternative treatments.  These options seem to be all the rage on the modern health scene, but what do they really mean?  More importantly, how can they help to relieve the agony of arthritis?

Alternative arthritic treatments have been around for thousands of years.  What makes them so popular with so many patients is that there are no costly prescription fees, and virtually no side effects.  The only investments required for mind and body treatments are the time and dedication you're willing to pay to make them work for you. The more of yourself you're willing to dedicate to these ideas and treatments, the more satisfaction you'll get from them.

Most mind and body arthritic treatments stem from a simple philosophy: how we think about our bodies, and how well we choose to live, will have a strong impact on our health.  These focused philosophies allow us to live more mindfully, direct our thoughts toward how we treat our bodies, and which foods we use to fuel them.  
This holistic approach combines the strength of the mind, the physical strength of the body and the spiritual essence that is at the core of us all.  There is so much involved, it's sometimes necessary to discuss each of the aspects of holistic arthritic treatments, those of the mind and those of the body, separately.

Focusing on the Mind

Your mind is constantly racing, particularly during times of stress and anxiety.  Like many other chronic and painful conditions, arthritis can be the source of constant anxiety and worry.  Holistic mind and body arthritic treatments seek to calm the mind, while inducing a profound sense of mindfulness. Rather than constantly worrying and anticipating the next day of pain, the goal of alternative arthritic treatment is to live your life fully and peacefully, in the present.  Daily meditation can be one of the best ways to achieve this sense of peace and whole wellness.  Without meditation it can be difficult to get started on a successful program of mind and body therapy.  However, some people fret so much about whether they're meditating "properly", that the very act becomes over intellectualized and unnecessarily stressful.  Don't put too much pressure on yourself; after all, the whole point of meditating is to relax.  Just find a quiet, cool place to sit, and focus your mind on nothing at all.  Try to let your thoughts turn to complete blankness, but know that it's perfectly okay if your mind wanders a bit.  This is normal, especially if you are new to practicing meditation.   Simply acknowledge your thoughts, breathe deeply, and return to your still meditation.   This clear presence of mind really can do wonders for the physical state of your body.

Food and Diet

Without a doubt, you are what you eat.  The food that you put into your body greatly affects your health and your happiness.  By ingesting foods that are greasy, fattening, over processed and difficult to digest, you are subjecting your body to elements that can have a toxic effect on your system.  These types of foods will only temporarily satisfy your hunger, and leave you feeling guilty and sick after indulging.  Use food as an element in your choice of natural arthritic treatments.  Choose a well-balanced diet and eat slowly and mindfully.  By eating quickly and carelessly, you're more likely to make choices without careful consideration or your best intentions.

Physical Movement

The movement of your body and how much you choose to move it can have tremendous effects on your health and overall sense of well-being.  An active lifestyle is crucial to freedom from the pain and discomfort of arthritis.  Walking, bicycling, and yoga are all gentle yet effective exercises that can restore your body's sense of health, vigor and wellness. When you exercise, you are able to release toxic stress and balance your unstable emotions.  For arthritis sufferers, these benefits may also bring welcome pain relief.

Arthritis is no longer a disease that chains its victims with crippling pain.  With today's alternative arthritic treatments, it's possible to bring relief using the mind and body, and avoid costly and potentially dangerous medications.  Speak with your doctor or healthcare professional to see if holistic arthritic treatments are the best choice for you.