Alternative Therapies to Eradicate Cellulite
If you suffer from cellulite, you may be tempted to think that surgery such as liposuction would be the ideal solution. It is important to keep in mind, however, that in dealing with cellulite, cosmetic surgery is is not always the safest or even the most effective method. In fact, it is likely that even if you do have liposuction, you will still tend to collect cellulite in the same locationss. Instead of relying on surgery for treatment, you might want to consider alternative treatments for eliminating your cellulite. There are many cellulite treatments available. Though they it is unlikely that they will permanently cure your cellulite, they will help reduce its appearance. Additionally, these methods are always safer than enduring the risks associated with surgery.

Mesotherapy is a cellulite treatment that has much popularity in Europe. In fact, this alternative therapy was created by a French doctor, Dr. Pistor, in 1952. Mesotherapy actually consists injecting the patient into and around the site where they experience cellulite. The injections themselves consist of natural substances like vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The patients endure this process weekly during the course of several months and typically the results are very positive. This can be an expensive process and it can be difficult to find mesotherapy experts, but the resuls are generally very good.

The body wrap is one treatment used by many women. While the experts are still not convinced about the effectiveness of body wraps, they do provide an opportunity for relaxation for those who get them. Therefore, even when relaxation is your ultimate goal, you can try one. The basic principle behind a body wrap is that it is supposed to eliminate toxins from the body and leave you with decreased water weight and increased contouring. It can be effective with relation to cellulite because the wrap can help stimulate lymphatic flow to the skin cells and this can aid in a reduction of the appearance of cellulite.

One of the most over-looked methods in the treatment of cellulite is simple exercise. Exercise is very effective in reducing the appearance of cellulite. Studies indicate that cycling and walking are two of the most beneficial exercises to eliminate the appearance of cellulite. Both activities target cellulite-prone areas, such as buttocks and legs. Therefore, if a walk or bike ride can be added to your daily schedule, it will likely alter your cellulite.

Instead of consulting your plastic surgeon about cosmetic surgery, talk to him or her about alternative therapies available to aid in the reduction of the appearance of cellulite. Your doctor might suggest other therapies available as well. Going under the knife is hardly the sole recourse available to those who dislike their cellulite.